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This contact page serves the following purposes:

  1. Getting in touch with new clients, business partners, and colleagues
  2. Managing copyright issues and inquires
  3. Getting feedback about blog posts published on this website

Messages – YES

You can get in touch with me related to the following subjects:

  • Asking for a quote related to my writing, editing, and consultancy services
  • Requesting permission for using my content published here or elsewhere
  • Addressing copyright issues
  • Sending (meaningful) feedback about posts in the Annalytic blog

You can contact me in the following languages: English, Spanish, Hungarian

Messages – NO

Please note that I won't respond to the following types of inquiries:

  • Offering your SEO services
  • Writing for 'exposure'
  • Free link placements
  • Free consultancy work
  • Getting you a job at one of my clients
  • Issues with my articles published elsewhere (please contact the respective publication)
  • Personal messages

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You can also contact me on Twitter @azaleamollis related to the subjects in the YES section above.